List Exposure Notification Services

Click this button to see a list of devices that have a contact tracing app installed.

Does not work for you?
Enable Bluetooth and use  Google Chrome.

List of nearby devices.

It is completely normal that you only see a list of Unknown or Unsupported Devices. In fact, this means a COVID-19 privacy-preserving contact tracing app is nearby 👍. In contrast, if your list is empty it is likely that there is no device with the app around 😭.


How does it work?

We use the Web Bluetooth API that is available in modern web browsers. The listed devices should only include mobiles that have a Google/Apple privacy-preserving contact tracing app installed.

The Bluetooth Low Energy-based advertising payload of COVID-19 Exposure Notifications include a special Service UUID. We filter for the Service UUID (0xFD6F), to only display devices that have a contact tracing app installed.

Does this website spy on me?

Nope. All is happening on your device only. The Web Bluetooth API is designed with privacy in mind 🕵. Thus, the website cannot access the list of devices or any Bluetooth packets. Moreover, there are no Ads, trackers, or cookies used on this website.

Why does the list of devices seem to change?

The COVID-19 Exposure Notification API protects your privacy 💪. Thus, the MAC addresses shown in your list are completely random and will change every 15 minutes. Read more here.

Why does this website not work my phone/computer?

Some platforms do not support the Web Bluetooth API yet.

Google Chrome browser icon Chrome Mozilla Firefox browser iconFirefox Apple Safari browser iconSafari Microsoft Edge browser iconEdge
Android icon Yes No - Yes
iOS icon No No No No
Windows icon Yes No - Yes
macOS icon Yes (Not Monterey) No No Yes (Not Monterey)
Linux icon Yes* No - Yes*